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Related article: Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 18:46:31 -0700 (PDT) From: hockeymask2003 Subject: After The Diner by HMH I am 43 yrs old and have been married to the same caring woman for 21 yrs and just like every other married man in the world I don't get sex at home much. Now I know we have all read the kind of stories where a guy gets all the sex he wants from his cock-starved nympho wife and he really gets off when she finds new and kinky erotic ways to seduce and please him, BULLSHIT. Any normal married man is lucky to get sex once a month and we all know it. I have a normal marriage. It was a 15 hr drive home and I really didn't think I could make it all the way without stopping for the night but I also knew that after that very unproductive meeting with the bosses that I couldn't stay in the corporate housing building any longer, so I decided I would just drive for a few hours and stop for a meal and rent me a motel room for the night. I said my goodbyes to the pompous assholes at corporate and started the long trek home. Just about three hours into my drive I saw a sign that said "No One Cooks Better, Next Exit ask for Mama". Driving always seemed to relax me and I was starting to feel drowsy and was ready to Little Lolita Bbs eat. I took the next exit and not far down this two lane road was a diner called "Mama's" and across the street was a motel called the Notel (seriously?). I went to the motel office and asked for a room this old grouchy cuss threw a room key at me, ran my card and mumbled something about me interrupting a soccer game and Little Lolita Bbs disappeared. I stopped at my room long enough to unload by suitcase and headed towards the diner. I parked my corporate leased gas guzzler in the empty parking lot and headed to the diner's front door thinking it would be closed since my car was the only thing in the parking lot. To my surprise they were open. I looked around for a good table when I was met by a young redheaded girl, who told me her name was Alice, and she would be my server tonight. Alice led me to a table that had a great view of the buffet bar and I could see my car from the window. Alice brought me a menu and a glass of water and told the special was beef stew but she recommended the buffet because it was (and I quote) "chocked full of good old fashion good cookin." I thought her shirt was buttoned a little higher when she led me to the table and now she had it opened some to give me a great view of her beautiful breasts. As she set my water down she bent a little farther than she needed to just to give me a better view. She knew how to work those things for some extra tips. I ordered a cup of coffee and told Alice I needed a few minutes to decide on my dinner. Actually I knew I wanted the buffet but I really wanted to see her walk away to get my coffee since she was going to work the boobs for tips I wanted to get a better look at that sweet young ass. She must have known what I was up to when she walked away she raised her little checked skirt up a bit as she put her pencil back into her pocket giving me an unobstructed view of her pink panties. I was looking intently at the sweet round ass of my server when I caught a glimpsed of a man standing at the cook's window frowning at me. I figured he must have been her boyfriend by the way he was glaring at me. Alice came back with my coffee and asked me if I was ready to order. "Yes I am, I'll have the buffet." I said. "Is Mama here? I asked. "Mama isn't real, it's just me and Ralph, He's the cook and my business partner. We just opened this place last week and only put that silly sign up two days ago. You're our first customer." She said. "Well I'm honored." I stated and gave her my best lets go fuck smile. "I'll be right back with your plate." She said as she turned and headed to the kitchen. He was still frowning at me and did she just give her butt an extra wiggle? A few minutes passed and Alice brought me my plate. Wait is she braless? Yes she is. Damn those things looked good. As she walked across the floor her boobs would bounce just a bit and her nipples were rock hard and it wasn't cold in here. "Enjoy" she said as she handed me my plate. Oh I am I thought. When she turned to leave she spun fast enough to raise her skirt just enough for me to see that her panties were no longer there. Well now I know why it took so long to get my plate and silverware she went in the back and removed her bra and panties, must be trying to milk the big tips from me. I got up and went to the buffet and stated to load my plate down with all sorts of different meats and pastas and potatoes. I went around to the other side of the bar and began to get my deserts I seen the kitchen door was open and there was sweet Alice on her knees with Ralph's cock shoved down her throat. Damn I sprung a hardon so fast I almost dropped my plate. Standing there watching Alice swallow Ralph's cock I tried to dip some ice cream into a bowl and missed the bowl I just couldn't stop watching. I must've cussed or something because Alice looked right at me and smiled without stopping bobbing her head up and down his tool, Ralph was oblivious to all of this his back was to me and I'm sure his eyes were hammered shut in enjoyment. I finally managed to tear my eyes away from the sight and make my way back to my table. She wasn't trying to milk me for tips she was trying to turn on her boyfriend by parading around barely dressed in front of me. Well it worked he looked hard enough to cut diamonds. I shook my head a few times trying to clear that image so I could eat but it didn't work I nibbled at some meatloaf for a few minutes and drank my coffee. Alice finally came back to my table with my check and set it down on the table smiled and winked at me and turned to leave without a word this time her shirt was only buttoned at the bottom and I could see some come drops still on her boobs (some hell...there was a lot this guy must have come in gallons!). Well I desperately needed to get to my room beat off that was one hell of a show they put on, this business will either boom or get shut down with a floor show like that. I picked up my check and looked at it, $5.95 for the meal it said and there was an arrow pointing to the back. On the back was written I'm off at 10 call me and then there was a phone number and the words ha ha. I figured since I caught them she was trying to ease some tension and maybe even thought I might turn them in and get them closed down. I figured I could ease their worries some if I left a message for her too, I took a twenty out of my wallet and wrote "Rm 6, bring a friend ha ha", I laid the twenty on the table and went to pay the cashier who turned out to be Ralph. The poor fellow never raised his eyes and was looking a bit sheepish when I handed him a ten and told him to keep the change. I got back to my room and before I even got the door closed and locked I had my pants down at my ankles and was feverishly beating off I can't even remember a time my dick was this hard. Well it didn't take long before I was coming all over my hand and shoes, my balls hurt I came so hard. After I cleaned up my shoes and wiped off my hand it was time for a shower. I stood in the shower for what seemed like forever trying to forget the image of Alice on her Little Lolita Bbs knees sucking Ralphs cock but the more I tried to forget the more I wished it was me instead of Ralph. I started to slowly rub my cock again it felt good to finally take it slow and easy thinking about Alice's smooth lips wrapped around my shaft slowly moving her head up and down my shaft until finally having me all in her mouth and throat, envisioning her velvet tongue gliding around my swollen helmet, her hands softly massaging my balls until I finally lose control and shoot my load of sperm down her ever wanting more throat. That was all it took for me to come again all over the shower wall. I finally got settled down enough to finish my shower dry off and to relax on the bed to watch some local TV and unwind before I went to sleep. I was just about to nod off when there was a knock at the door. I slipped on my robe and looked through the peephole and there stood Alice still in her waitress dress a still not buttoned up very far. I opened the door and asked what she was doing at my door. "It's after 10 and I brought a friend" She cooed. "I just see you and besides I'm married and this is not what married men do." I countered. "I think you will be ok with my plans and besides you're alone tonight right." "I am alone....but I" I stammered. "Then just go with it, my friend will be here in a minute." With that said Alice pushed past me and entered the room, dropped to her knees and swallowed my half erect dick whole and began to give me the best blow job of my life. Her skills quickly made forget the worry of my wife finding out and I just let myself enjoy her mouth. "You might want to close the door but leave it unlocked for my friend." She said. I had forgotten the door was opened, as I turned to close it Alice's tongue expertly flicked the end of my cock. She stood and removed her clothes revealing for me the sweetest body I had ever seen, perfect breasts, flat stomach, a perfectly trimmed pussy and I swear her ass was sent from heaven. "OK lie on the bed and close your eyes and do not open them" Alice instructed. Who was I to argue? I slipped off my robe and sat on the end of the bed and laid back and closed my eyes. I felt Alice's expert tongue working on my Little Lolita Bbs dick again slowly moving up and down my cock driving me insane with every stroke of her lips. "My friends here keep your eyes closed and raise your legs up high" She ordered. I did as she asked and I felt her mouth land on my cock head and her hands wrapped around my shaft she slowly began to pump my cock up and down into her mouth (damn I love that) next thing I felt was a bit of a surprise, I felt a tongue on my asshole licking my poop hole, it felt good, the tongue was rimming me good, darting in and out of my butt like a snake then around the hole again over and over again I was in heaven. Alice stopped sucking on my dick and her friend took over swallowing me up in one swift movement deep throating me and really working those throat muscles. I felt Alice or her friend shove a finger in my ass and start to work it in and out. I'm no stranger to ass play, my wife used to finger my ass all the time. I couldn't stand it any longer I was going to come and before I could say so I started coming in that sweet mouth and it swallowed every last drop. "Open your eyes now." Alice sweetly said. I opened my eyes to see Ralph with my dick shoved down his throat and his finger up my ass while Alice sat on the chair fingering herself. Ralph stopped sucking and raised his head. "You taste good" He said. I must have had a funny look on my face like I was going to kill someone because Alice started to apologize and beg me not to hurt Ralph. I haven't had a blow job from another guy since I was fourteen when me and my best friend decided to suck and fuck each other one night (that's a story for later) and I also haven't had a cock in my mouth since that night either. "I ain't going to hurt anyone that was the best blow job I've ever had! I enjoy having my dick sucked and when I was younger me and my best friend would suck each other off and I even fucked his butt and I let him fuck me but I really want some pussy right now." I explain. Alice got off the chair and slid me back on the bed and started to play with my dick to get me hard again. Ralph helped by massaging my balls, in no time at all they had me at full staff. Alice slid my cock balls deep into her well oiled cunt she slowly began to rock back and forth fucking me slowly getting a good rhythm going she leaned forward to give Ralph room to get to my asshole he would take turns fingering and licking at my ass. Alice motioned for Ralph to get up on the bed so she could suck on dick while she rode me. Ralph knelt beside me and put his dick in Alice's mouth and started to face fuck her and play with one of her tits I took the cur and started to play with the other one, Alice's rhythm increased as she got hotter from the blowjob and the tit play she started to pump my cock in and out of her snatch faster and faster and I knew she was about to come. She grabbed Ralph's cock and started to pump him into her mouth waiting for his load. Ralph moaned and pulled his cock from her mouth to spray his load on her boobs and all over my chest when the first drops hit her chest she started shaking like a leaf I felt her come dripping down my balls and into the crack of my ass. I was about to come too when Alice suddenly jumped off my dick and started licking her own come from my balls and ass. Ralph quickly leaned in to help her clean my ass crack I started coming all over my chest and stomach. I surprised myself with what happened next. Ralph and Alice moved up to lick my come from my stomach damn was that hot to watch Alice Little Lolita Bbs put a dab on her finger and offered it to Ralph he licked her finger up and down to get it all then Ralph dabbed some on his finger and offered it to me and I took it. I have never tasted my own come before (Ralph was right I do taste good). I decided it was time to really enjoy myself I took hold of Ralph's dick and guided him towards my mouth and licked the end of his cock at first then in one swift movement I had him inside my mouth, it felt good to finally have a cock to suck on since I really did enjoy sucking my friend but he said he didn't like it and wouldn't do it anymore. I started to slowly move his cock back and forth inside my mouth swirling my tongue around the head and massaging his balls with my free hand he moaned in pleasure as I worked his cock like a lollipop until he pulled away and begged me to fuck him Ralph pulled a tube from his jacket pocket squeezed some stuff onto his hand and rubbed it all in his ass crack and then Little Lolita Bbs on my dick. He turned to face away from me and straddled my cock. Alice held me straight while he lowered himself down onto me inching more and more of me into his rear.Soon enough I was deep in him ass and he was bouncing up and down like Alice was earlier. He had a tight ass it squeezed at my cock and even hurt a little if he dropped down to fast, Alice was sitting next to me on the bed watching us fuck rubbing her pussy I turned my head a little and licked at her legs she picked up on what I was doing and straddled my face lowering her freshly fucked pussy down on my face so I could lick her, she told Ralph to turn around so she could suck his dick. He pulled of me and turned to face me and sat down on my dick again and I started meeting his downs with some ups matching his rhythm perfectly. I fucked his ass for what seemed like forever then I came shooting my load deep up in his ass. This caused him to come in Alice's mouth which caused her to come all over my face. I was exhausted. The three of us lay there on the bed panting and gasping for air. I told Ralph he could fuck my ass if he let me suck him off while I was fucking Alice. Alice suggested a shower first. We started the shower and the three of us stepped in at the same time the hot water hit me and I suddenly had the urge Little Lolita Bbs to piss. "Where are you going hot rod?" Alice asked me while I was stepping out to piss. "I got to piss." "Piss in here." I stepped back in the shower and my two lovers knelt down and begged me to piss on them. I wasn't going to argue to point I let loose a stream and let it fall on Ralph's chest and then on his dick and then turned it loose on Alice's tits and face. They loved it Alice said it was her turn and stood and told me to kneel. She opened her legs up and started peeing on me and Ralph letting her piss hit us in the face and chest, she stopped and dropped to her knees as Ralph stood and pissed on us next. I grabbed the soap and started to rub some on me and gave the bar to Alice to clean the piss from Ralph's cock so I could suck him. With his dick clean I started to suck Ralph's cock he grabbed my head and started to move his cock in and out of my mouth and face fuck me faster and faster he moved until I felt his warm load coating my tongue and throat. Alice grabbed the tube stuff and rubbed it in my ass and all over Ralph's cock I turned around and he put the head against my hole and gently pushed until the head was finally in slowly he moved in and out until I could feel most of him inside me. He continued to fuck my popper slowly the pain was definitely worth it the butt-loving was starting to feel good now. Ralph pulled out of my ass and suggested we move back to the bed. In the bed Alice laid down and I slid my cock in her cunt and started to fuck her while Ralph slid his dick back in my ass. I leaned in to tongue kiss Alice's mouth while I fucked her she responded by sucking my tongue we tongue kissed the entire time I fucked her. Finally I felt Ralph moving faster and faster until finally he shoved deep in my ass coming hard. I started coming just as hard I heard Alice scream under me. This was too much for me to handle, things went all black. I must have passed out. When I woke up it was daylight outside, I was alone and naked. On the light stand next to the bed were a pair of pink panties, an empty tube of lube, and my twenty dollar bill, written on the bill was "me and my brother had a great time last night, Thank You. Keep the panties as a reminder."
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